Lauch of The Dept Records

The Dept. Records is a part of the music industry with a specific responsibility: to be a platform for great music.

Launched by industry veteran, Melanie Rodriguez in mid Sept 2010, The Dept. Records is developing into the platform for great music.  Being a music enthusiast, Rodriguez always saw owning a record label as being certain. “I got into the business of music when I was 14… I’ve always wanted to be and work in/ for a company that was business savvy but also artist friendly. After spending time working in all the various ‘depts’ of the music biz for years, I knew that establishing a record label was inevitable for me.”

Songwriter, performer & producer Matthew Kourie’s project THE WHEN was the first real industry work that Rodriguez ever completed. “The When Project was my first copyrighting gig. The first CD to ever note my name in the credits and realty what enlightened me to start Band AM,” saysRodriguez.

Band AM Artist Development was Melanie’s first professional endeavor. “I functioned as an advisor to many bands, artists, and companies under that moniker, for almost 10 years.” The company was more of a DBA for Rodriguez as she advised bands, tour managed groups on the road & hosted regular shows at some of NYC’s legendary venues such as CBGB’s, the Continental & Don Hills.

After reconnecting with Kourie, now 10 years later, the vision for The Dept. Records became crystal clear. Melanie recalls, “The When was the first spark for me, while I was still in college dreaming of my career, it gave me my first taste of truly being involved in a real project. I love and feel very connected to that music. It has survived moves, various hard drives, iPods and is still currently on my iPhone. When Matt came back into my life, I knew that releasing The When was the reason to launch The Dept. Records.”

With the label’s bum freshly spanked into existence, there is still a bit of a ways to go, but label president Melanie Rodriguez is certain that a release is around the corner. “We’re the new ‘dept’ of music and record labels. We don’t exist to conform to all the trappings and protocol of traditional and even non-traditional industry practices.” Says Rodriguez. “Figuring out how to structure the company was the hardest part. I don’t have buckets of money to throw at artists, especially ones that I wish I could throw money at. So that’s why the approach is really grassroots. The goal is to exhaust my skills to expose the artists/music that I believe in and see where that goes.” Some would say, a noble approach. “The shifts and changes that I’ve seen and experienced in the landscape of the music industry over the last 10 years, have really opened the door for ventures like mine. Now there are a little less financial strains, less barriers to entry, and its really about making informed, industry-forward decisions.”

The Dept. Records plans to launch the label with a 10th Anniversary release of THE WHEN, featuring the “ahead of its time” arrangements and sounds, by musical mastermind Matthew Kourie. Followed by his latest, exciting project OUT OF NOWHERE, an homage to his major influence FAITH NO MORE with former R22 bandmate Dan Barton. Expect official release dates and material early 2011.

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